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Books OnSitetim-smart-company
Start Up Rank: 24
Revenue: $1,411,979
Founder(s): Tim Johnston
Industry: Property and business services
Head Office: New South Wales
Employees: 17

Sometimes the best businesses happen by accident. Tim Johnston originally started Books Onsite as a support service to an accounting firm, but in just three years, the company has transformed into one of the five biggest book keeping firms in the country, with revenue of $1.4 million.

But Johnston experienced problems from the start. The company had a few clients go under which cost the business $20,000, and he admits he was hesitant to go after clients who owed money in order to keep everyone happy and keep their business.

But introducing a direct debit system, along with new remote access technology that allows him to take control of staff computers to fix problems, has allowed Johnston to pick up some new clients and keep accounts flowing.


"Getting new clients and finding good staff. Through trial and error you have to find the best mediums that suit your business."

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