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Legal Trust Account Audits

Legal Trust Account Audits can be a stressful process and an imposition to the everyday running of your Law Firm. Our expertise in a number of Legal Practice Management systems allows us to perform your trust audit with minimal interruption to your firm and employees. 
Books Onsite specialise in Trust Account Audit Solutions for Legal Firms.
A trust account can be a great business tool, but it can also be a legal nightmare as Law Practice Trust Accounts are governed by Law Society Trust Regulations which are specific for each state. 

Compliant Legal Trust Auditors

We complete trust audits for legal firms in line with the relevant regulations, always ensuring our work is to the highest level and within the relevant timeframes.

Practice Management Software

The Books Onsite team are well versed in Smokeball, as well as being a Services Partner with Action Step and a part of the Partner Network with LEAP.

Minimal Interruption

Our expertise in the legal industry ensures that there is minimal disruption to the day-to-day- workings of your business when we complete our audits.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is a Trust Audit?

A Trust External Examiner must be appointed by the Law Practice as soon as a trust account is opened. The Trust External Examiner is required to lodge the Trust Audit by 31 May each year. When an External Examiner’s Report is qualified or an adverse report is made, a copy of the Report is to be forwarded by the external examiner within 7 days to the Chief Trust Account Investigator & Supervisor, Trust Accounts Department of the Law Society.

The report must include an examination of all general trust accounts and accounts where trust money was held (e.g. controlled money accounts, account subject of a power) that have been opened or closed by the law practice during the reporting period.

What is a Trust Account?

Trust money is money entrusted to the law practice in the course of or in connection with the provisions of legal services by the law practice.

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