Real Estate Trust Audits

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Comprehensive Real Estate Trust Audits

As industry leading Real Estate Trust Auditors, Books Onsite will ensure your trust account is fully compliant with all the relevant rules and regulations in your state. Never worry about trust auditing again! 

Minimal Interruption

Our expertise and experience in the Real Estate Industry ensures minimal interruption while conducting an auditing

Software Accreditation

Books Onsite are accredited with PropertyTree but also familiar with Rockend, Console and PropertyMe

Final Audit Report

Books Onsite provide a copy of your final audit report to you upon submission to the relevant authority

As fully accredited Real Estate Trust Auditors, we ensure that your trust auditing needs are all met to the highest standards. We also ensure:

Extensive software familiarity and accreditation

If an auditor is not familiar with the Practice Management software that a particular client is using, they have to rely on the client to generate all of the reports. Alternatively, if an auditor has extensive accreditation and/or familiarity with various Real Estate Practice Management software options, the client can just grant access to their system and the auditor can generate reports and complete testing themselves. This saves the client a lot of time, and is also much easier for the auditor to prepare these audits.
Books Onsite are more than happy to assist clients with any Practice Management software, however we are accredited with PropertyTree but also familiar with Rockend, Console and PropertyMe.

Minimal Interruption

The audit systems, expertise and experience that BooksOnsite have in the Real Estate Industry allows us to conduct our audit with minimal interruption to a clients day-to-day operations. If any significant breaches are found, then we will liaise with the client to ensure that they have been rectified and that the necessary systems have been implemented to ensure ongoing compliance.

Final Audit Report

We will provide a copy of the final audit report to all clients upon submission to the relevant authority.

(See here for more details on your General Bookkeeping)

More than just a real estate trust audit

As your Real Estate Trust Auditors, we will ensure your trust account is fully compliant with regulations in your state. But, that isn't all - in reviewing a client's systems, we are also happy to advise on streamlining business operations in line with industry best practice, bolster the firm's compliance processes and enhance internal bookkeeping procedures. 

Call us or email us today and we will be able to provide a fixed fee quote, or you can submit an online quote request here.

Real Estate Trust Audit Specialists

Experienced and Professional Real Estate Trust Account Auditors

As Certified Property Tree Consultants and Real Estate Trust Auditors, we can take care of your Real Estate Trust Account Audits.

Please call us, use the contact form here or click the button below to request further information, or you can arrange a quote.

Trust Audits

For a Fixed Weekly Fee, we will initially come to your office to get to know you and your business, refine your systems and customise a procedural checklist. We then provide an ongoing weekly remote service which includes the following:

  • Management and Reconciliation of your Trust Accounts to ensure compliance with Law Society Regulations
  • Management and Reconciliation of your Office Accounts with Xero or MYOB
  • Annual External Examination (we are Certified External Examiners in NSW, Victoria and QLD)
  • Payroll and Creditors payment and management- you will need to provide access only to your internet banking (not authority on your account) to enable us to upload draft payments directly from your software ready for your approval
  • BAS Agent Services- BAS and IAS reporting and lodgement
  • Monthly Management Reports to assist you in analysing your firms and staff performance including: Monthly and Prior Year
  • Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet comparisons, WIP and Debtors Exposure Reports and Funds available for Trust to Office Transfer Reports.
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