The introduction of the GST was meant to lead to a reduction in other types of state and federal taxes. Unfortunately, state governments have taken the windfall from the GST without passing the resulting surplus on to taxpayers. One of the worst taxes in Australia is the Payroll Tax as it actually penalises companies for employing more people when they should actually be rewarded for doing so. Some state Governments are beginning to recognise this and are starting to reduce Payroll Tax rates and thresholds as an incentive to attract business to their state. Here are comparisons of rates and thresholds state by state for Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth for the FY 2020:

City   ThresholdRate
Sydney (NSW)$900,0005.45%
Brisbane (QLD)$1,300,0004.75% (3.75% for Regional)
Melbourne (VIC)$650,000

4.85% (2.425% for Regional)

Perth (WA)$950,0005.5%

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