Leap Legal Bookkeeping- LEAP Office V10 vs LEAP

As LEAP Certified Consultants we support both LEAP V10 and LEAP Cloud. We provide a Fixed Fee Service to look after your Trust and Office Bookkeeping and also your Annual External Examination. Call us on 1300 226657 or click on the link below to request a Fixed Fee quote for our Bookkeeping Service.

If you are looking at upgrading from LEAP V10 to the Cloud, here's a list of some of the main feature differences:

 LEAP 2003/ LEAP V10  LEAP Cloud
 Portable No Yes
Hosted Data Storage No Yes
 Automatic Backup No Yes
Automatic Version Updates No Yes
Integrates with Xero No Yes
Named User Licensing No Yes
 Concurrent User Licensing Yes  No
Forms & Precedents
 Automatically Updated  No  Yes
 Ability to remove Container  Yes  No
 Outlook and Excel Precedents  No  Yes
Create your own Matter types  Yes  No
 Faxing  Yes  No
 iPhone App  No  Yes
Reminder Letters  Yes  No
 Budgets  Yes  No
 Supplier Module  Yes  No
 Extensive Suite of Reports  No  Yes

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