One of the first things we do when we get a new client is to perform an audit on the clients current bookkeeping systems to see if there are areas where we can implement efficiencies within the bookkeeping process. In nearly all cases, we are able to reduce the number of hours required to perform the role which results in cost savings to the client.

Every client is different and you have to get to know the intimate details of how a business operates to determine if there are any steps in their business process that are being duplicated and can be eliminated or refined to create a more efficient system.

One process that is reasonably standard across all clients is the payment of suppliers and employees. MYOB M-Powered Services allows you to pay your supplier and employees directly from your MYOB software. Many clients are already exporting their payment files directly to their banking interface via an .aba file. M-Powered takes this one step further, allowing the bookkeeper to process any payments as directed by the client, however the payment file will not be sent to the bank until it is approved by the client. This adds an extra level of security and also eliminates the extra step of having to enter the payment details within your banking software.

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