Bookkeeping Characteristics

If you are considering outsourcing your bookkeeping needs to a professional, it is important to have a firm understanding of what you should look for before making a hire.  There are key skill sets and characteristics that every bookkeeper should possess.

Industry Knowledge

First, the bookkeeper should have at least basic knowledge of your industry.  If your company falls within a specialised industry, such as franchises, restaurants, medicine, sports, etc., there are bookkeeping firms that work with just those industries.  If your company is not as specific, any type of professional bookkeeper should suffice, but should have a basic understanding of what you do.

Next, you should verify that the bookkeeper or bookkeeping services firm you will be using is utilizing the latest technology.  All bookkeeping tasks today should be done through using software such as Xero, Quickbooks, MYOB, ActionStep, Leap or other similar systems.  The company or professional should be highly skilled at using these applications.

Bookkeeping Expertise

Then, you should verify that the professional has a firm understanding of the requirements you are seeking for your business.  A good bookkeeper will become a partner of sorts, that will help the business, and provide detailed financial information to assist with the decision making process.  Your books should always be maintained the right way, the first time.

Industry Experience

Finally, the bookkeeper you hire should have a great deal of experience working with small businesses.  Errors made on the books of small businesses can be extremely costly, and can even cause a business to fail.  You need to ensure the professional you choose can provide you with evidence that he or she has a successful track record with small businesses, and that references are provided.

When you take the time to locate a firm or independent bookkeeper that meets all of the criteria mentioned above, you will gain great peace of mind.  This person will be there for you with every financial need you may have, and will become a valuable asset to your company.

Books Onsite provides bookkeeping services in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

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Legal Bookkeeping

If you are a Small or Medium Legal Practice with less than 20 Practitioners we can look after your bookkeeping and trust audit remotely for a fixed fee.

Real Estate Bookkeeping

Our team of real estate bookkeepers will ensure your rental and sale trust is updated daily. We will include your general bookkeeping and trust audit in our remote fixed fee.

Onsite Bookkeeping

Our qualified bookkeepers will come to your office each week to take care of your payroll, accounts receivable and payable, BAS lodgement and management reporting.
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